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Les Enfants Sérieux. contemporary circus company

Les Enfants Sérieux is a contemporary circus company based in France, which combines Chinese pole, Scratching and clowning.

In their way of playing, Les Enfants Serious takes everything seriously, from the most serious and profound subjects to the most absurd nonsense.


Pablo Picasso​

The children who make up the company are Ilaria Romanini and Jaime Monfort Miralles.

Jaime and Ilaria meet at the Academie Fratellini. Together they have fun bringing their first creations to life during certain carte blanche projects, always ironically dealing with themes such as the history of misogyny or the manipulation of humans by technology.

It was in these circumstances that the gestation of the Compagnie Les Enfants Seriouss began. Then, the two artists begin their professional collaboration with the creation for young audiences directed by the clown Cédric Paga alias Ludor Citrik: Demain Hier. A clownish and acrobatic show which speaks with humor about life, from birth to death and which continues to be broadcast today.

Today's tour Demain Hier continues after 150 performances, just like the tour of the first creation of Les Enfants Sérieux, Happy Apocalypse to you, a clown show that celebrates life and tells the story of two eccentric characters and their tireless optimism in the face of all difficulties, including the apocalypse.

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