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Chinese pole workshops. for professionals and amateurs

After training at the Fratellini Academy where she had the opportunity to meet different Chinese pole professionals, Ilaria developed this way of practicing Chinese pole and more deeply this philosophy around stage presence.

For her, the latter and circus technique are two inseparable elements.

Professional circus performers have to spend a lot of time of their lives rehearsing the technical elements of different disciplines so that they are consolidated and automated.

This work, although very necessary, can anesthetize the artist and his body, who learns to perform without being too conscious of each movement and the present moment.

Ilaria's work aims to bring life back to movements, to put attention back on sensations, on breathing, to restore importance to the details that could arise from technical elements that we presume to be finished.

This search for organicity of movement is worked on through endurance exercises, listening to the apparatus and voluntary movement of attention which originate from Mindfulness.

These exercises also aim to be an instrument for developing the search for new figures thanks to improvisation and tools that can range from music to speech, depending on the students' best access points.

These improvisations aim to lead the student to a state of letting go and “Flow” (mental state reached by a person when they are completely immersed in an activity and are in a maximum state of concentration, full commitment and satisfaction in its accomplishment)

State of presence which manifests itself by a loss of the notion of time and a feeling of great accuracy, because at this moment the self-censorship, which often stops us in our creative impulses, is destroyed by the present moment. E which therefore allows each person’s unique creativity to reveal itself and manifest itself.

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