Works of humanity. museum in the public space

Actions in the public space aiming to poeticise the form of ordinary objects, conferring them the codes of a work of art in situ. 


date. June 2020

where. Paris, Epinay-sur-Seine

title. "Man is an animal, but even in his animal
functions, he is not confined to the implicit, as the animal is; he
becomes conscious of it, recognizes it [...] so that precisely because he knows that he is an animal,
he ceases to be an animal and attains knowledge of himself as



date. June 2020

where. Paris, Epinay-sur-Seine

title. The beauty of velocity, tribute to progress. 


date. August 2020

where. Cesenatico, Italy

title. "Secure Earth's bounty and beauty for present and future generations."

Fourth pillar of the Earth Charter


date. August 2020

where. Cesenatico, Italy

title. Coca-Cola, zero sugar, zero responsability. Enjoy everything!